President & CEO 
Makoto Teraura

Since our company's founding in 1946, we have conducted research and development aimed at creating new technologies to expand the utility of control cables and have increased their possible uses year by year.

New materials, research into new configurations, evaluation technology, the development of production technology, the establishment of a system that would guarantee quality, etc. - all of these were firsts in our industry and the world, and we have been fortunate enough to take the lead in our field in the areas of research, technology and production.

In our present society, which has become quite advanced as well as complex, "reliability" in all aspects of technology has come to be demanded and control cables which boast of simple construction and reliable operation are the technology that fits the requirements of the age with a host of new applications in diverse fields also becoming possible.

In the days to come, just meeting the customer's requirements won't be enough, and new capabilities and technologies that are in tune with the next generation will be required as will the incorporation of related technologies such as electronics in order to aggressively seek out new possibilities in cabling.

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