Taro Teraura

Since our company's founding in 1946, we have focused on uses for control cables, and have conducted research and development aimed at greatly expanding their possible uses.

Our research into new materials and new mechanisms, and our development of evaluation and production technologies, plus the establishment of a quality assurance system, have all been pioneering efforts in our industry and in the world. We are now a top company in this field with industry-leading strengths in development, technology, and production.

The world today has become technologically advanced with a high degree of complexity, so people have come to demand reliability in all aspects of technology. Control cables are simple in structure, and they function reliably, which is exactly what is needed in today's world of advanced technology, and their use is expected to continue to grow.

In the future, simply meeting a customer's requirements will not be enough. We must constantly develop new technologies and new capabilities for each new generation that are both highly reliable and that meet users' changing expectations. By incorporating electronics and other peripheral technologies, we will continue working directly to expand the possibilities of cables.

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